Cape Cormorant Crisis

At Ultra Pro we believe in the importance of giving back. Our relationship with SANCCOB is one of continued support. we helped back in 2019 with the flamingo chicks and we are proud to help SANCCOB now with the Cape cormorant crisis…
“over 600 abandoned Cape cormorant chicks were rescued from Robben Island for admission to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) in Table View, Cape Town. A robust rescue operation was executed by Robben Island Museum (RIM), SANCCOB, Two Oceans Aquarium and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) to retrieve and safely transport the chicks, which had been abandoned by their parent birds and too young to fend for themselves. There is an estimated 3,000 breeding pairs of Cape cormorants on the Island and each nest usually has two to three chicks thus thousands in distress. This operation is now the second-largest seabird rescue in the Western Cape after the MV Treasure oil spill in 2000.
On admission to SANCCOB’s seabird hospital, each chick was weighed and hydrated to quickly stabilise and reduce stress, and then placed in designated pens according to weight. Sadly, approximately 50 chicks died and a total of 594 chicks ranging from 150g to 600g were being cared for on the first day of admission. Over the two days that followed, a few hundred more chicks were collected from Robben Island, bringing the total number of chicks in SANCCOB’s care to more than 1,700.”
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