As we started the professional painting project on this stunning Stellenbosch residential property, it soon came to light that not only did the exterior need attention, but the leaks originating from the house’s chimney also needed repairs!

What we found upon closer inspection was that no soaker sheets were fitted with the chimney when it was built.

Soaker sheets serve to extend the flashing to the roof apex. Soaker sheets should be tucked up under the apex capping and be installed in a cascading fashion – in other words, laid one over the other so that the upstand is perfectly waterproof. Skip this step during the building process, and you are sure to run into (wet!) problems!

For this project, the entire chimney needed to be removed as well as the old Aquashield. Powafix Aquashield is a superior quality pure acrylic waterproofer which will waterproof and protect all structurally sound and well-prepared surfaces, such as roofs, flashings, parapets, boundary walls, weather walls, chimneys, skylights, roof bolts, flat bolts, concrete slabs, balconies, shower walls & floors.

After removing the top capping completely, new soaker sheets were cut, bent to its specific requirements, all the holes lined up and fitted neatly into place. The capping could then be replaced and the chimney re-fitted. New Aquaseal was applied all around the chimney to avoid any future leakage or issues.

With its new chimney, leak-free roof and brilliantly painted exterior, this gorgeous Stellenbosch home now stands proud and perfect amongst its suburbian counterparts.