Durham Square Project

Ultra Pro were tasked by the Body Corporate of Durham Square to carry out remedial work to prevent water ingress into the building. We are currently busy with phase 2 of the project. Ultra Pro was appointed after being recommended by the managing agents and building consultants, due to their reputation for great work.
This project would be regarded as the vertical waterproofing of a building, which is something required in Cape Town due to our wind-driven rain. There have been previous attempts to remedy this, but these were only partially successful. This time a more thorough specification was drawn up, taking into consideration all the factors involved. These include DPC reinstatement, window sealing, expansion joints, balcony waterproofing, crack and plaster repair. Products used were from @Mapei South Africa, supplied by @ Protech building products.
Further to this, we used All seasons which a specialised paint produced by Prominent and supplied by Protech, this product has a unique ability to be used in high moisture conditions and without primer on raw unpainted walls, giving the contractor the opportunity to minimize time waiting for walls to dry, the breathability of All Sessions also outperforms anything ells on the market. The combination of the best products, together with the correct application, is what will provide the best outcome. Here Ultra Pro also goes the extra mile by flood testing all the balconies. This gives the client additional peace of mind that our work will last. Ultra Pro is proud to be involved in a project like this, where we can show our attention to detail and our workmanship.
All our work is guaranteed.
Our Team has started waterproofing the windows and balconies of Durham Square in Salt River – we can’t wait to show you the end result!