Interesting projects gets us really excited! Like fireproofing this apartment block in Thornton, in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.
Inspection revealed that wooden roof beams stretched right across one apartment to the other, which means no fireproof sealing was done during building and should one apartment catch fire, it will spread to the next (and the next, and the next!) like…well…a house on fire! 🔥😱
With professional advice and specifications from the civil engineer, our Ultra Pro roofing specialists opened up the roof to be able to access the wooden battens. All battens were then cut to leave a 50mm gap between them and reconnected with steel brackets so as to still provide the necessary structural support. The underlay was also cut open and folded back to expose the brickwork onto which Alcolin’s Firestop Filla Foam was applied. Being an expanding polyurethane foam, all roof tiles were re-laid to settle against the foam and ensure perfect coverage.
Thanks to Ultra Pro, residents can now sleep easy, knowing their homes are safe.