The ever-popular Cape Town city bowl is a distinctive location for people who are serious about business.  A striking building reflects professionalism and it remains true that first impressions last!

Excellent work was done on this prominent Cape Town central building to lift it up to the brilliance it deserves! The building needed an external make-over of a grand scale and our skilled Ultra Pro rope-access-staff had their work cut out for them during the painting of the 15 floors of this multi-level building!

Rope access for commercial and industrial projects is a highly effective method for performing painting jobs on large buildings and structures. It is cost-effective and our staff are specially trained and equipped for maximum efficiency and safety.  Specialised, dynamic equipment is used so that we are able to abseil down the sides of a building in order to reach every nook and cranny of the structure’s surface.  This type of painting ensures redecoration of such a large commercial space leaves it looking brand new, reflecting its stature and importance.

Because we have vast experience in both commercial and domestic painting, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to make sure every job is done to customer satisfaction!