In 2018 cancer impacted a lot of our people, good friends, and family were lost. We asked how we could make a difference? Kim & CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation) started chatting and this is the result…

We would like to thank the team, and specifically Tertia Hootsen, an amazing artist who volunteered and really made a difference!

How we got involved

A CHOC Volunteer contacted Ultra Pro asking for assistance in the form of Paint Donations in order to have their Plumstead home painted in the inside.  A paint contractor had been out to visit the home and said that as it will be a very costly project, they would need to make some calls to get paint and he would just charge a labour fee.

I approached Gerhard Hootsen the owner of the company and asked if there was a possibility if Ultra Pro could go and paint the children’s home and if we could get paint donated from our supplier (Protech).  Without hesitation or even thought he told me to get the project on the go……

The ultra Pro team all jumped in to help get the home painted as quickly as possible as there was limited time before the families returned.  The choc home in Plumstead closes for a week just before Christmas.

It was truly amazing to be part of this project and being able to help.