Flamingo Rescue

Kimberly, South Africa – Due to low water resources, the Kimberly SPCA had to rescue over 1500 Flamingo abandoned chicks from Kamfers Dam in Kimberley. It took them hours to collect all the chicks but they managed to get them safely to a facility where they can be better cared for.

Some of the chicks were rescued as eggs and are now hatching into the great big world.

Why were they rescued?

The flamingoes were rescued from the Kamfersdam in Kimberley where a colony of lesser Flamingos breed annually. The dam has started to dry up leaving hundreds of young chicks in need of rescue. Thousands of chicks and unhatched eggs were collected and taken to the Kimberly SPCA where rehabilitation was started.

Thousands of chicks arrived at the SPCA and the task of caring for them started. Because there are so many and the task of caring for them is “around the clock” process, the SPCA reached out to various organisations in South Africa to take a few hundred each to care for.

How we got involved.

Nicky Shadbolt, one of the volunteers at SANCCOB is a very good friend of Ultra Pro. She contacted us and told us that they needed help. So we donated material and labour to help build their new daytime enclosure!