The worldwide pandemic is affecting each one of us, regardless of race, religion or social standing, but if we can stand together, support and help each other, we will ALL be standing when this current crisis finally ends.

On April 10th lockdown was extended putting even more strain on the less fortunate and those close to our hearts.  The following Saturday, we at Ultra Pro provided 45 families with food that will support them through till month end, 36 families of those related to our extended work family, and 9 families through the Klipheuwel Project.

Keeping them safe with dignity is absolute key.

Our business has the infrastructure to assist in facilitating the effective distribution of food parcels to reduce the risk some people face in the complex social environment they live in and to do whatever we can to help as the food and hunger crisis continues to worsens daily.

We therefore will be doing another food parcel run at the end of the month and would like to challenge other organisations in the Waterproofing and Painting industry and individuals alike to help in supporting those in our working circles and communities.